Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Love Your Funny Face... Your Sunny Funny Face

Daddy days are the best days as they are usually quite fun. We still had a few sick germs about so Sunday was spent at home. Miss M and I were very keen to try an idea we'd seen on Playschool during the week. The activity was funny face painting and we had to get Daddy involved in our fun too. We all enjoyed this activity. Even Miss H liked watching what was going on.

We didn't have a perspex easel like Playschool did but we had another idea that worked just as well. We found a large piece of plastic, some pegs and the string line I have up to dry our artwork on. Here's how we did it....

Funny face painting

You will need....

Sheet of clear thick plastic (or you could use a sliding door - the paint will wash off)
String line hung up just above child height
Acrylic paint
Brushes (medium size worked well)

Peg up the plastic sheet.
Get someone to sit on the other side of the plastic with their face almost pressed against it.
Paint funny faces on the opposite side of the plastic using their face as a guide to show where things should be.

Plenty of giggles were heard as we painted all sorts of funny faces on our plastic. Miss M has recently begun painting cute faces with eyes, nose, mouth, ears and cheeks so this was a great activity to extend her interest. Daddy's Dorothy the Dinosaur face was a winner with Miss M but here's some other ideas we did as well....animals, robots, funny human faces and characters from dvds.

I can highly recommend this activity and I can imagine that it would work well at any age. We certainly had fun and just look how old Daddy is - he loved our funny faces!


Unknown said...

Oh I love this, just priceless, the look on Dad's face says it all :) Happy days xo

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

We saw this episode. It looks like you had so much fun and what a happy memory involving Dad too. I often do these sorts of fun things during the week but I will have to leave them more often for the weekend so that DH can join in too.


SquiggleMum said...

We do a variation on this one too, just using our glass sliding door and painting with water! We don't end up with an artwork at the end of it, but it's still fun. Now that my little man is standing up, he likes to pull himself up on one side of the glass while his big sister paints happily on the other. Hours of fun...

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Kylie - Is that the look on his real face or the painted one? He he he!

Christie - We also do most of our art activities on week days but since we had to stay at home from church sue to sickness it was nice to do an art activity all together. It gave Daddy a chance to see what he often misses out on!!

Catherine - I love the water painting idea. I've been putting my thinking cap on to find activities for the girls to do together and this one is perfect!


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