Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Hair Clips For Little Girls

A while ago I came across another gorgeous idea for hair accessories but couldn't find the clips to make them so I gave up for the time being. My beautiful mummy friend who also has a little girl happened to find the clips so I've finally started creating cute hair clips which are easy to make and can look adorable. The ideas for making them are endless. It's just up to your creativity as to what your clips will look like.

You will need...

Sectioning clips - we found them at Price Attack .

Strong glue - Helmar Tiger Grip glue is fantastic. It is strong and works well with metal and fabric.

9mm Ribbon - the best ribbon to use seems to be grosgrain ribbon because it is thicker and more durable than the others. It has to cover the clip well.

Check out www.ribbonsgalore.com.au for the best ribbons ever. What an easy way to shop without your littlies and they say no order is too big or too small! There are so many designs to choose from too. That's the stop I will make for my next ribbon shop!

Take the ribbon you wish to use and cut it to length. Just under 10cms is good.

Carefully spread glue on the under side of the ribbon. I use a thin paintbrush to make sure the glue is spread evenly. It won't look good if the glue seeps through.

Start just under the top of the clip and begin to lay the ribbon along the clip.

Hold the ribbon in place at the top using a peg or another clip until the glue dries.

Open the clip up and continue to stick the ribbon to the top half of the clip. You'll have to work quickly until the top side and under it is completely covered .

Close the clip and allow the glue to dry.

You can leave your clip as it is or get even more creative by adding fancy decorations. e.g butterflies, flowers, animals or jewels . These can be found at craft stores, scrapbooking stores, cheap shops etc. I keep my eye out for interesting things when I'm out shopping but I am also finding decorations in my nick-knack box which have been great to use too.

To make these bow clips....

Cut another 10cm length of ribbon in the same or a contrasting ribbon.

Glue both ends together and add a dob of glue to the middle to stick both sides together.

Run a small piece of ribbon around the centre and glue it at the back.

Glue the bow to the middle of the top of your hair clip and hold it together with a peg until it dries.

Beautiful - a clip that any little girlie girl would love!

Maybe you'd like to give these clips a go. If you do, why not post them on your site and let everyone know back here at www.busybrissymum.blogspot.com so we can all see your girlie clip creations. Have fun!


Kate's Corner said...

These clips are soooo cute Amanda! You're a very clever mummy!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Thanks Kate. I have thought before that you might enjoy making some since you're creative too. Maybe Aunty Kate could make some for little Miss R!

I made a set of four bottle green ones for my niece for her first year of school.

ilovestitches said...

The clips are gorgeous! I've been wanting to make but couldn't find the clips anywhere. Thanks! Love your button hair ties as well.

Eleanor Kay said...

i am loving you hair crafts at the moment KEEP GOING!!


Busy Brissy Mum said...

@ ilovestitches - I had to buy the clips separately and they were hidden all the way down the back of the shop. Let me know how you go finding some.

@ Alexandra - hmmmm...I'll keep going making my hair accessories but I haven't come across any other ideas yet. Thanks for the encouragement though. I'll do a post on covered button snap clips down the track. (just for you!!)

Amelia Clark said...

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