Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Visit to the Zoo for Free - Queen's Park Ipswich

There is so much to love about a trip to Queen's Park, Ipswich. Firstly there is the gigantic playground which has every sort of play fun in it. Then, there is the cafe which overlooks the playground but what is most unique and special about Queen's Park is the animal enclosure.

Entry to this area is completely free although a donation is encouraged to help with the ongoing work there. In the last year they did up much of the enclosure and added some new features so it's even more interesting to visit. You'll see many animals from Australian natives, to birds in the walk through avery, to baby farm animals. Feeding in the farm area happens twice daily at 11.30am and after 3pm.

We love seeing the spotted quolls, the bilbys and the emus but you'll also see dingos, cockatoos, kangaroos and many other animals. It's a wonderful way to spend a day! Of course you can pack a picnic morning tea or lunch or enjoy a bought lunch as you sit on the huge deck.

Queen's Park is in Goleby Ave, Ipswich and there is plenty of parking to be found .

This is definitely a favourite place for us to visit. We really don't get there often enough but that's ok 'cause it makes it such a special place. If you live in Brissy, it's worth a trek to Ipswich to see the animals. Go and say "G'day!"


Brooke said...

I've been meaning to head that way for a long time. Would love to show my son the Bilby's as he has a finger puppet and story too.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

It's really worth going to Brooke. You could make a day of it and go to the Art Gallery in Ipswich too. Sounds like your son would love the animals. There's lots of roadworks happening on the way there but just be sure to stick in your left lane until AFTER the Toowoomba turnoff. Then follow the signs carefully.

hellyamber said...

Hi, just followed you over from your featured play area on Childhood 101. Thanks for this post, I never knew this place existed, definitely on our weekend to do list now!


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