Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kites For Little Hands

Do you remember making a kite when you were a kid? I do. We've had a little bit of wind blowing in Brisbane lately but only little hands to fly a kite in such good kite weather. An easy way to make a kite with toddlers is to use a paper bag. Here's how to do it.

To make a kite you need....

Paper bag - I bought some lovely white ones from Riot but brown will do too
Crepe paper streamers
Scissors or small hole punch
Sticky tape
Whatever you'd like to decorate it with - we used water paint because it will dry fast and won't add to the weight of the kite

Decorate the paper bag.
Before punching a hole in the top (open end) put some sticky tape where the hole will be, centre top, about a centimetre down. This will make it a bit stronger where the string will pull.
Thread string through and tie. The string should go through both sides like a handle.
Cut streamers to a nice length and staple to each corner.

Your kite should now be ready to fly!

Being a little kite for little hands it won't go high up in the sky but it will look fantastic flying behind your child as they run along.

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