Thursday, June 18, 2009

Playdough Three Ways

I really enjoy watching a few cooking shows and one way chefs like to be creative is to use an ingredient, cook it in three different ways and present it decoratively on a plate. Today I will show you playdough three ways, not how it is cooked but three different ways it can be played with. This is just the start! There are many ways to play with playdough and many things to put with it just for added fun. Let's start with three.
Plastic Scissors - playdough is so easily manipulated which is wonderful for little hands wanting to be creative. Learning to cut with scissors however can be a tricky thing as they are not so easy to manipulate when hands are tiny. Using scissors with playdough is a great way to teach littlies how to hold a pair of scissors and make simple cuts. Cutting paper to start off with can be a difficult thing to master. I like to buy the safe-t-cut scissiors for playdough play and you can find them at supermarkets and newsagents. They are plastic and rather blunt so they don't really cut other things, like hair. Cutting playdough is easy with a pair of these. Let your child have a go without help so they can discover and learn. Remember that even though these scissors are terrible at cutting paper you still need to watch your child as they use them, just in case.
Paddle Pops - it's great to vary your child's playdough play. Simply add paddle pops big or little to the playdough and watch the dough turn into cakes with candles, little people or whatever your child chooses to create.

Plastic Knife - this is an activity that requires a close eye even though the knife is a plastic one. Add a plastic knife to the playdough play and see what games your child plays. Miss M likes to chop up the dough and makes meatballs to put into her little oven to cook.

It's all about letting your child try a range of creative experiences. With each one they'll try something different and learn something new which is all great for their development.

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