Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby on the Go

It's funny how one day you have a little baby who is happy to sit and play and then the next day they're off and scooting round the floor on their tummy. Miss H is doing just that so it's time to create some things for her to explore!

We have a sheet of thick clear plastic on the floor in the study/ playroom. It's job is to protect the floorboards from our office roller chair since we happen to live in a rental property. This plastic is great for all sorts of games for Miss M (which I will share with you later) but this time round it is Miss H's turn.

Have you ever noticed how much little bubs love to see other bubs? It seems to bring a smile to their face. Yesterday I flicked through some magazines to find pictures of baby faces with lots of different expressions. I cut them out and placed them under the plastic for Miss H to discover. I'll enjoy watching to see if they'll bring many a smile to her own cute little baby face.

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