Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lizard Park or Bird Park? It's One Terrific Park, That's For Sure!

Our adventures lead us to parks all over Brisbane. We love to explore big new exciting ones (new for us) but then there are the old favourites that we return to over and over again. Today we returned to an old favourite and just like the times before we enjoyed the equipment and surroundings but this time with a new level of enjoyment. It had been a little while since we last visited. Miss M is much older (almost 3) so she could do most things by herself which meant no chasing for me!

I call this park "Lizard Park" while my sister calls it "Bird Park". (Do you have special names for parks you enjoy with the kids?) It's real name is Centenary Suburbs Memorial Park (quite a mouthful) and it's found in Mt Ommaney in Greenway Circuit. This park is set amongst tall gum trees which are home to birds of many different kinds. The sound of them singing while you play is completely magical! (Squiggle Mum, you'd love this park!) We loved listening to the kookaburras and cockatoos but there were other sounds of birds heard joining in the song. You can see why my sister calls this park Bird Park.

I call this park Lizard Park, not because it has lizards everywhere (thankfully or I wouldn't go!) but there is a giant lizard for the kids to climb on and it's beautifully covered in mosaics. Miss M almost climbed from the tail to the head, with a bit of help from mummy.
Lizard Park also has a circle of swings, a blue truck to drive, a flying fox, shop play and other playground fun so it has gross motor and role play skills covered. A bike track runs around the playground and there is a bbq which would be great for a sausage sizzle. Turn off Dandenong Rd into Central Avenue (just past the Police Station) and then into Greenway Circuit. You can't miss it!

I don't know which is better, the sounds and surroundings or the equipement but put them together and you have one terrific park!

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