Monday, September 28, 2009

Fruit On a Stick

Sometimes morning teas and afternoon teas become a little boring around our house so I've been trying to think of some new ideas, especially ones that involve eating fruit. Now that Miss M is 3 (a big girl!) I thought she may like to try and make her own for something fun. She LOVED the idea! Miss M made fruit skewers.

Fruit Skewers

You will need...

A few different types of fruit
Wooden skewers

Cut up the fruit into pieces - you can get creative and use small cutters but rough cutting works too.
Put the fruit into bowls.
Demonstrate how to thread the fruit carefully making sure the tip is away from the threading hand.
Let your child thread the fruit on to the skewers.
Cut the pointy tip off the skewers before eating.

EAT - as Miss M would say, "They are t-licious!"

To extend the activity you could...
  • Serve with yoghurt as a dipping sauce.
  • Make the skewers in a particular colour ie. all green fruit or all red
  • Sing the traffic light song from Playschool's 'On the Move' DVD, using red, orange and green fruit.
  • Create a pattern to copy with the threading for something fun.

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