Monday, October 5, 2009

Open House!

It's taken me a while to get here after having Miss H but I'm back to feeling up to having friends over for regular play dates. I've had the odd one here and there however I must admit that they have seemed a little tricky with trying to care for all of Miss H's needs, keep an eye on food and of course Miss M and friends. Miss H is off and scooting round the floor so I can prepare lovely things to eat with a lot more ease as well as cater to the littlies.

This week we are hosting two play dates. Our lovely girlie friends came over this morning. There is a friend for each of us. Mrs C and I are old friend, Miss K and Miss M are good friends and our littlies are a day apart so here's hoping they will strike up a friendship as they grow up.

Wednesday's play date will be a little busier. Our Mums on the GO mums group will be heading our way for a play in the back yard. The thought of all those little people in the one space can seem quite overwhelming so the plan is to have stations of activities all around the yard. I just have to think back to my old days of working with large groups of littlies!!

When I host a play date of this size I like to keep the kids busy in play, not just finding all of Miss M and Miss H's toys. Here are a few ideas I like to do.....

  • play dough play at a kid's table
  • fence painting - hanging paintings on string along the side of the house
  • chalk drawing on the paving
  • bubble blowing on the grass
  • a simple craft of some kind - collage on cut-outs is a good one (I always have some collage ready to go)
  • sand play
  • swings
  • construction on a mat
  • baby toys on a mat

Of course the list is endless, there are lots of ideas that can be done. This may sound quite structured but I think it's the organiser and children's worker still in me, even as a mum. We also live in a little house so to get the kids into the yard is a great idea. I really enjoyed this morning with our girlie friends and I am looking forward to Wednesday with anticipation. It is fun to be back into the swing of things.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
Whilst reading your blog I can't help but remember how creative you were. It sounds as though you haven't lost any of your flair. Keep up the great work,
Bless you, Linda.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

So many memories Linda! I'd love to here what you're up to these days.



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