Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ruby Red Party

Our little baby girl turned one on Sunday so it seemed fitting to have a ruby red party to celebrate. (Her second name is Ruby!) We did a pink party for Miss M on her first birthday so we kept the colour theme going.

Our children's first birthdays are celebrated with family but we still like to have party games and other fun for the cousins to enjoy. We had a great time on Sunday playing bobbing for apples. This was hilarious to watch! We did a red snake eating competition which was also lots of fun and the kids could play with the tea set and make red lady beetles from paper plates at their leisure. There was lots of yummy red party food and the girls had their faces painted. We just had to play pass the parcel which is Miss M's favourite. It's become a regular birthday game. Everyone got involved on Sunday which was a hoot!

I spent last week baking the cake. It took five goes before I actually had a sponge cake that cooked all the way through (old oven!) but the final result was a red lady beetle cake. Just check out the look on Miss H's face when she saw her cake - it was delightful to see. That made all those baking efforts worth while.

Everyone who wore red received a prize bag before they went home. It really was a great day with our little girl. Happy Birthday Miss H - you brighten up our lives!

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SquiggleMum said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl. (And happy birth-ing day to you...!)


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