Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Button Bug

I absolutely love my two little curly girls. Who would have thought that I would be a mum to two curly haired girls, one with brown hair like mine and one with red hair like her father. (I have straight hair) It's so much fun finding girlie hair accessories to match their delightful outfits and keep their curly hair tidy.

Through reading various other blogs and websites I have come across a most enjoyable way to make my very own hair ties and clips for the girls and it is so simple to do, you just won't believe it! Yes, I caught the button bug! Covered button hair ties are all the rage right now and the best place to pick up everything you need to make them is to head to

Kerrie from sent me a lovely package in the mail - a 10 button hair tie kit which included 10 button shells, 10 button backs (with shanks), 10 different and interesting circle fabrics to cover the buttons (cut to size), a threading wire, 10 colourful hair tie elastics, a button covering tool set and this all came with very clear instructions to follow.

It really is a very easy process to create your very own hair ties.

To make a covered button...

Put the base of the tool on a hard surface. (the bigger piece of the tool)

Turn a fabric circle over so the pattern/ picture faces downward.

Hold a button shell in place over the fabric and press both into the tool base.

Trim the fabric but still allow enough to fold into the shell.

Fold the fabric into the shell and pop a back in using the blue tool piece. (shank facing out) The back should snap into place.

Take the button out and you should have one very cute covered button.

To add the elastic...

Thread the wire through the elastic and hold both ends of the wire together.

Thread the wire through the shank of the button, taking the elastic with it.

Once the elastic is through the shank, remove the wire.

Hold one end of the elastic together and thread it through the opposite end of the elastic. Pull it through until it is tight on the shank. You should now have a covered button hair tie.

How easy is that! I had so much fun making the button hair ties from the 10 piece kit that I have purchased another 25 buttons to make plenty more. The kit was a GREAT place to start. This time however I will use some fabric pieces I have around the house and some cute ones I will find at the haberdashery. The great thing is I can make hair ties to suit all the girls outfits. (and mine!)

Check out for all the covered button fun you can find. You can start making these cute hair ties or make hair clips, magnets and thumb tacks. Maybe you'll catch the button bug too!


Eleanor Kay said...

That's great Amanda!
Can you make me some!
i think mum ran out of backs for her to make them for me!


Busy Brissy Mum said...

Hello Miss Eleanor Kay! (Alexandra) Thanks for your message. I could definitely make some hair ties for you and deliver them next weekend. We are up in Toowoomba so we might catch you at church. Shall I make some in your favourite colours? I read them on your beautiful blog. ( BTW - you're very creative! You could buy some buttons for covering and make some groovy hair ties too. See you on Sunday morning?

Sherri said...

Those are super cute!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Thanks Sherri!


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