Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Messy Shaving Cream Painting

Today was our mums group Messy Play Day in the park. We had lots of messy fun playing with water play, making spaghetti pictures, doing bubbles with fly swats (I really must blog about this!), having a go at eye dropper painting and the messiest of all......shaving cream painting.

While dads off in the shed you can find his can of shaving cream and enjoy this fun, tactile experience with the kids. Even better, get dad involved in the fun!

Shaving Cream Painting
You will need....

A can of saving cream - I use a plain brand cream
Plastic cover for the table
Powder paint

NB You may need to be careful with kids who have skin allergies when doing this activity. Supervision is needed for all children as shaving cream is not good to snack on .

Simply squirt some shaving cream on to the table, sprinkle a tiny bit of powder paint on top (or not) and let your kids be creative by finger painting in it. The cream will feel great and should smell good too.

You can let the kids go with the shaving cream just like this or take a print at the end by laying a piece of white easel paper on top, rubbing the back of it and then seeing what kind of print is hidden underneath.

Now that I've shared a messy play idea with you I guess I better be off to clean up the mess!

You could extend this activity by...

  • adding two different sprinkles of colour and see what colour they make.
  • add some glitter to make it sparkly.


Linda said...

I do this activity at Creche every now and again. It's amazing, but I find even the older children love it!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

The kids enjoyed the other activities throughout the morning but once the shaving cream painting began they all lined up both sides of the table for a go. It is definitely great for older kids too Linda. A blast from our past huh!!!


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