Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going on a Photo Hunt

Since being at our new house we have enjoyed going for walks most days. Just down the end of our street is a parkland with a bike track winding around it which leads into the neighbouring suburbs. We live in an area with beautiful old queenslanders and post war homes as well as striking new modern homes. If you go to the end of our street and take the bike track you'll find yourself walking beside a field with "our" two friendly horses in it. Not that we own them, I think by the amount of visits they get from the community everyone probably thinks they own them! I bet they have lots of different names!

We never have to walk the same way as there are lots of ways to walk and many lovely things to see. Go one way and you'll end up at the train station and shops. Go another and you'll see beautiful tree lined streets. I LOVE where we live so much!

Walking brings a lot of joy to the girls and I and we really only need ourselves, the double pram, walking shoes, hat and sunscreen for us to have a great time. Yesterday however, to add to the fun we did a photo hunt. Miss M (3) packed her camera which is a $20 digital camera we picked up from Target for Christmas and I asked her to take photos of anything interesting she saw along the way. She spent the walk stopping the pram to take many pictures. So here's some of our walk through Miss M's eyes.

If your child doesn't have a kiddy camera you can certainly still do this activity. Take your own camera along and work on taking photos together with your kids. The beauty of photography today is that you can click click click as much as you like and see the photos almost straight away once they've been put on the computer.

To extend this activity you could....

  • Print out the photos for a cutting and gluing experience
  • Keep a scrapbook with all the photos in it. Collect some each time you go for a walk.
  • Ask the child to look for houses, colours, animals, flowers or shapes - be specific and narrow down the hunt.

What interesting things do you and your kids like to see in your neighbourhood?


Elise said...

Your area sounds gorgeous. Now that it is a little cooler, it's perfect to go for a stroll and discover your neighbourhood.

What a neat idea to get your daughter to take the photos, she did an awesome job.

Savvy's favourite thing to observe when we are walking in our neighbourhood is flowers. Blakie is obsessed by people walking their dogs (he loves dogs) and cars that look like Grandad's car!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Oh Blakie would love our area with all the dogs we see out walking. Unfortunately Miss M is not so keen, especially with all the dogs that are taken for walks off their leads. One of our favourite parks overlooks a dog park and that is something special to see because we don't have a pet dog.

I hope you are keeping well in the countdown to the birth of tic-tac.

Adventuroo said...

Funny timing-- today I was trying to convince my three year old to take his digi camera on a walk today.

I have a newborn so the walks are happening as much as I'd like but maybe I'll try again later this week. Especially since the flowers are starting to come out!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

I think when our second bub came along that's when lots of things stopped for us. I am finding our old loves once again. It's really lovely to meet you Melissa!


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