Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Playing Along - X Marks the Spot With Our Play!

The girls and I are joining in the play fun over at Childhood 101's We Play today.

My "treasure bug" has become a little unstoppable of late. We've had a brilliant time rummaging through "treasure shops" and shopping at the local school fetes to find new (to us) pre-loved play items. Have you ever gone treasure hunting like this? It's such a buzz to bring home your treasures and set them up for play. These treasures have provided new and very different play opportunities for my girls.

We've read our new books before bed, in the waiting room at the doctors, outside on the blue chair, in the morning on mummy and daddy's bed and wherever or whenever we've liked. Cost 50c - $1.00 a book. $10 for all the books.

We've built tall towers and small buildings, then crashed them down again. Cost - $3 - $5 per set of blocks. Some sets are worth over $50 new.

We've taken turns and laughed as the bees tumble down. Cost - $5

We've joined pieces together and had races as we watched our marbles roll to the bottom. Cost - Fill a bag for $2.

We've repeatedly played dominoes and matching games till mummy says it's time to put them away. Cost - $2 or fill a bag for $2.

We've welcomed Billy the horse into our home. He's pretty easy to keep as he doesn't eat much. Cost - $6 (I think).

We've made patterns and pictures and sorted colours. Cost $2 - $3 a set.

We've had quiet cups of tea and played camping. Cost - $3 for the tent/ play house.

We've set up and interacted and taken our new little friends for a ride. Cost - $25 for dolls house. $3 for bus. $2 for bag of Little People.

We've had lots of play fun!

Some of these toys came in damaged boxes which I just traded for spiffy new ones and some were perfect. It's worth keeping an eye out for educational treasures. You just never know what you're going to come across. All the above toys and books were discovered over the last year or so.

In my past life, before children, I worked in child care (many many moons ago!) and then also as the children's worker at one of Brisbane's bigger churches. Just looking through the educational toy catalogues used to get me excited however the prices never did. Now I pick up the same kinds of play fun for a smidgen of the price.

Do you like to hunt for toy "treasures"? What great toy and book treasures have you found?

Come play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up.

We Play


amandab said...

I have just introduced Princess to the wonderful world of "op shops" where we picked up a singing Barbie for $2, about 20 golden books for about $15 (mostly Barbie!), and a Dorothy the Dinosaur tails for $8 ( I think). She LOVES the op shops now and I am sure when we have the time we will get there again .. not that she needs anything more .. well, except maybe some more books ... :)

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Amanda, I get a good giggle out of the Barbies at Op Shops. Of course there are the ones in fantastic condition but there are also a lot of well loved, make-up wearing, hair in a new cut style Barbies. I'm glad you found some great Barbie treasures. That will probably be something we'll be hunting down in the not to distant future.

MaryAnne said...

That horse is SO cute - can't believe it was only $6. I love finding fun secondhand toys!

Hear Mum Roar said...

I think some of the best toys come from the op shops! Side note: we have that very same bus, and our kids still play with it after all these years. Your kids had a busy day!


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