Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making Stamped Cards - Creating a Gift

Yesterday I posted that we were making our own stamps to create some thank you cards for friends. At the time the stamps were happily drying in the sun. By the afternoon they were ready for the stamping fun and the girls were able to create beautiful and very colourful homemade printed cards.

Stamping Printed Cards

You will need...

Plain cards - I buy these from a craft shop, cut to size but you could just as easily use paper or cardboard you have to cut yourself.
Acrylic paint - we used Crayola washable paints
Paint trays - we used plastic plates. Take-away container lids are also great.
Stamps - we used our homemade stamps!!!

Pour the paint onto the paint trays - we put one colour on each plate and spread it out.
On each paint tray we then placed a stamp. This made sure that the colours stayed fresh.
Begin by dipping the stamps into the paint and then placing them on the card.
I lay our cards out flat so the girls would only put the prints on one side. It also gave them more space to be creative.
The folding and writing can come later when our printed cards are dry.

And here they are...

These are our homemade cards to say a BIG thank you to our very special, giving and helpful friends.

Do you like to get your kids to make gifts for their friends and family? What have they created? I'd love to hear your ideas!


Aspiring Mum said...

I love this idea Amanda! We've used different textiles for different prints, but I've never thought of actually making a stamp out of them - it makes sense though, for little hands to get a good grasp. They look great!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Now for you to get some timber scraps from Scotty : )

katepickle said...

These look fabulous! What fun bright wonderful cards! I bet anyone who receives them will be stoked!

Brooke said...

This is such a fantastic idea. I'm so amazed by your continual creativity with your kids playtime. You could use these cards for Christmas too.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Thanks Kate : )

I like your Christmas idea Brooke. It would be very easy to make Christmas cards this way.


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