Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Christmas Countdown.....

Oh we're a little slow off the mark with this one but then we're a bit slow with everything at the moment in this house. Apologies for the lack of blog posts. I'm going to have to post when I am able to as I've been out of action quite a bit with a crazy back, neck and head. (Would you believe I put it out having fun with the girls?)

So here is our Advent Calendar for this year. I drew a simple tree design on some green cardboard, added a star, trunk and bucket out of coloured art paper, then raided my scrap booking stocks for lovely papers to make the numbered baubles. Nothing too fancy and nothing too well thought out but it's a hit with my girlies and they loved helping to put all the baubles on. It's almost hard to wait the day out before removing the next number when daddy gets home! I've had to keep our calendar simple this year. It would have been wonderful to come up with Christmas activities and outings but for now we'll just keep it at sharing a yummy treat.

Our Christmas fun has begun!

Do you have an Advent Calendar? What does it look like? Why not share your pics on the Busy Brissy Mum Facebook page.

1 comment:

Aspiring Mum said...

That's a great calendar, Amanda. It's so bright and cheery! Your girls will have fun looking for each bauble.

(Sorry to hear your back is still not right).


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