Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little Bit of Easter Creativity

The girlies and I are in the middle of making some beautiful paper mache Easter eggs, just for fun. We've added our first few layers of newspaper, in preparation for the final two layers which will be white paper, followed by our final layer of choice. I'll pop by the blog tomorrow to show you how they end up looking.

To Make Something From Paper Mache...

Use Cel mix glue or kids PVA glue as they both dry clear. PVA gets pretty messy so be prepared to work quickly and clean it up straight away. Remember paper mache glue in the old days? Flour + water = glue, not so good for this activity if we'd like to look at them again next year.

Tear up strips of paper. You can use any type really. We could have started with our good paper but I'd prefer to waste newspaper rather than good wrapping paper.

Start by using your finger to spread the glue onto the desired a balloon. In our case we have used Styrofoam eggs from the craft shop. Notice the skewar in the bottom of the egg? That's so the air can get all around and dry the glue. We don't want our eggs sticking to the table top.

Add the strips of paper one at a time until the shape is covered and keep using your finger and glue to smooth down the edges.

Only do a few layers of paper mache at a time to give your work time to dry. You can always return and do a little each day until your project is finished.

Paper Mache is a messy process and can be a bit tricky for little fingers but the end product can look really special. I can't wait to finish ours off!


Kathryn said...

Amanda, where do you get cel mix from? I have been hunting it down for ages and have had no luck. Thanks :)

Busy Brissy Mum said...

I am so sorry Kathryn, I meant to put a link in the blog post. We get our Cel Mix from Speedy Art Supplies at Richlands.
Hope this helps.


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