Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glow-worm Adventure

The Natural Bridge, Springbrook

I cannot go without telling you about our trip to The Natural Bridge in Springbrook, Queensland. To get to Springbrook takes about 2hrs from Brisbane and some of the trip is spent enjoying winding roads and beautiful views. Springbrook is a magnificent place but a most spectacular sight is found when you visit The Natural Bridge in the Springbrook National Park.

Last weekend we packed up the family and headed out of Brisbane for a day trip to the Natural Bridge. It's amazing as it is - a waterfall flowing through a huge hole, made in the top of a basalt cave but what we planned to see was the glow-worms which have made the cave their home. Having two little girls in tow, we didn't leave our trip till too late in the afternoon but just late enough so we would be able to see some of the glow-worms lit up. They are incredible - lots of little lights on the cave walls which almost look like fairy lights. The girls were amazed and even though I'd seen them before, I was amazed all over again.

Venturing out a little later allows you to to enjoy seeing the glow-worms along the paths too but we'll leave that for when the girls are a bit bigger. As we left the cave area Miss M asked me when we could see the glow-worms again. How could we not go down and take another look before leaving!

It's a great journey and a manageable sized walk for littlies - Miss H (2.5) happily walked the whole track. If you would like to see the glow-worms I would suggest arriving at dusk and be sure to take your torches to see the path ahead (the glow-worms don't appreciate torch light). Pack a picnic afternoon tea or early dinner to enjoy in the forest surroundings as there are picnic tables nestled in the forest, beyond the carpark. There are toilets too (not my favourite kind) but they are there.

We'd definitely give this family outing a glowing report!

PS I would have loved to show you a picture of the glow-worms but they seem to be quite camera shy.


Heart n Soul said...

How fun.....a great family memory :)

Brooke said...

Sounds lovely but I must admit I would be a little worried just us in the National Park as it was getting dark.

My son would LOVE the glow worms - he gets excited about seeing the Christmas lights that someone in our neighbourhood still has up.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

@ Brooke - lots of people do go there but I can understand why you might be a little worried. We went before the dark set in and we still saw plenty of glow worms. The cave bit has enough light at that time that you can see around.

Debbie said...

Sounds like it was a great time. We'll have to add this to our list of things to do!


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