Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bubble Printing

Bubble blowing is so much fun! Painting is so much fun! Here's a way to have fun with both - bubble printing.

To do bubble printing you will need...
A container - ice cream ones are great for this activity
Colouring - powder paint works best but you can also use food colouring
A drinking straw (per child)
White paper

Fill the container with water to 3/4 of the way up.
Add a good squeeze of detergent and a bit of colouring.
STOP! - Make sure your child is ready to blow through the straw, not suck. Teach littlies first.
Using the straw blow lots of bubbles in the water until they rise out of the top.
Gently put the paper on top and press on the back, making sure not to immerse it.
Lift paper up and admire the bubble print you've made!
You can repeat this process until bubbles are all over the paper.
Change the colour of the water for a colourful effect. Watch the colours mix on the page.
Hang your print out to dry.

This activity makes great wrapping paper, bubbly paper cut up for collage or just a wonderful painting for the wall. Mums you can even enjoy doing this arty activity without the kids!

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Rosey said...

You just have so many awesome ideas - thank so much for sharing! I am stuck at home with a toddler recovering from the chicken pox and an 18mth old who will likely have it in coming days - bubble printing is on the agenda today when my 18mth old is having his sleep - paper bag kites tomorrow! :-D


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