Monday, June 15, 2009

Tea Cups For Tea Parties

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon, playing ladies at a girlies afternoon tea party. This occasion was a Grandma's Girls Afternoon Tea which was for all the girls on my mums side of the family. My cousin and I had fun organising this event together. We asked everyone to bring a plate so I made little tea cups. I thought you might like to see them and find out how they are made. Note how I also made sure to get my cousin's beautiful flower cupcakes in the photo too. I was in cupcake heaven! This simple tea cup recipe was passed on to me by my beautiful sister-in-law. It doesn't involve any cooking just sticking together.

Tea Cups

You will need...

Arnotts Tic Toc Biscuits
Icing made to a paste or use Betty Crockers Vanilla Frosting
Pascalls Marshmellows
Musk Lifesavers
Allens Freckles

Use your icing as the glue to hold the tea cups together.
The biscuit will be the base/saucer. I like to use a different colour to the cup.
Stick a marshmellow in the centre, it will be the tea cup.
Add a freckle on the top for a froth effect.
Cut the musk lifesavers in half and stick one to the side as a handle.

These sweet tiny treats are as cute as can be. They are perfect for little girls parties....and as I found out yesterday, the grown up girls like them just as much!


Rosey said...

The teacups are so CUTE! What a great idea and yummy recipe for the kids. I know what I will bringing the next little girl's party we are invited to. Thanks. :-)

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Glad you liked the tea cups Rosey. They really are so easy to make and the kids will love them.


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