Monday, June 8, 2009

Ducks and Turtles

Today being the Queen's Birthday holiday we set out for a family morning at "Duck Park" (Sherwood Arboretum) along with some friends. This park can be found in Jolimont St, off Dewar Tce in Sherwood. Brisbane has so many wonderful parks and this is just one of our favourites. The thing that makes it so special for our family is that we can say hello to the ducks in the pond and we always hope that the turtles will come and say hello too.

What a lovely morning together enjoying the Winter sun. This park has so much to offer. Madeline spent the morning enjoying the two large playgrounds, one that has two great climbing frames with slides side by side to race down. There are rocking animals and swings for both the littlies and the big kids. (or parents!) Madeline had one regret however, she forgot to take her bike! The park has a great track leading from the car park to the playground and it is just perfect for little kids bikes, trikes and scooters. It's also lovely to take a walk over the hill and down to the huge fig trees, along past the river bank and back over the hill again.

I can remember many events I've been to in this park over the years but the most enjoyable ones were those with the cardboard toboggans. Back in my younger days you were able to get a good run down the hill and race your friends on home made toboggans and billy carts.

This morning we went to say hello to the ducks and the turtles. No turtles today! Madeline told me that they must have been sleeping. There were plenty of ducks having a swim so that was great.

It's going to be a fun week ahead!

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