Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ooey Gooey Slime

It was an inside day today and a lovely visitor came to play. "Big girl Miss L" and Miss M had some ooey gooey fun together. We made slime!

To make slime you need...

  • I cup Lux Flakes (found in the cleaning aisle of the supermarket)

  • 3 cups of warm/ hot water

  • food colouring - we made ours green

  • clean kitty litter tray (or something similar)

  • egg beater

Put the Lux Flakes, water and a small amount of colouring into the tray and beat until the flakes are dissolved and the consistency is gooey. Leave to cool before the kids play with it.

Miss M and Miss L enjoyed the slime for quite some time and as you can imagine it was all over messy...but being soap it was good clean fun too. I found it a good idea to have the girls in aprons. A nice calm activity to share with a friend.

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