Monday, June 22, 2009

Get Your Gumboots On For Rain Painting!

A lovely rainy day - a great opportunity for some quiet activities as we listen to the rain fall. I was thinking about what we could do to enjoy the day and decided it was a rain painting kind of day. Miss M and I found it interesting to watch the rain mix the paint colours as it fell gently on our paper. Not going anywhere? While the rain is hanging around why not try this at home with your kids?

To make a rain painting you will need...

Powder Paint - a few different colours
Large White Paper
Rain - gentle rain is best

Using the spoons (one for each colour) sprinkle small amounts of powder paint over the white paper.
Carefully put your paper on the ground in the rain.
Watch as the rain falls on your paper and creates a beautiful, colourful painting.
Hang up your painting inside to dry.

Be really careful when using powder paint as a little bit goes a long way! If it spills it can be very tricky to clean up.

Extend the activity....

  • Sing 'Rain is Falling Down' or 'Drip Drop, Drip Drop, Rain is Falling Down' (found on It's Playschool CD), 'It's Starting To Rain' (found on 'I Like To Sing' - Justine Clarke CD)

  • Talk about primary colours mixing to make other colours eg. red + yellow make orange.

  • Read 'White Rabbit's Colour Book'

Enjoy your rainy day fun!

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