Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Mess Finger Painting

It's every mother's dream to find an art activity that doesn't make a lot of mess. This activity is easy to put together and makes no mess at all. That's right - no mess! You can also keep it set up for days at a time to allow the kids to play with it when they like.

To do no mess finger painting you need...

Plastic sleeve for ring binder
Paint - I used acrylic this time but you can use Cel Mix too.
Sticky tape - good quality - or use masking tape.
Pop a few squirts of paint inside the plastic sleeve. You can use one colour or as many as you'd like so you can watch the colours mix.
Seal up the sleeve by folding over the open end and taping it down.
Stick the sleeve to the table top with sticky tape or masking tape. It's best to secure it all the way around.
Have the children draw on the sleeve using their fingers.

It's really important that you show the kids how to use the tops of their fingers and not their nails. Nails can pierce the sleeve and then paint goes everywhere.

Extend this activity....
  • Add fine glitter to the paint for a sparkly effect.

We still have our no mess finger painting stuck to the table from last week so Miss M has enjoyed lots of playtime making pictures in the pink and purple paint. The great thing is that when we finally pack it away, we will lift it off the table and put it in the bin.


Narelle Nettelbeck said...

Hi Busy Mum
I love your site!
I run a home based family day care - i'm sure we could swap loads of ideas!
Thanks for stopping by my blog,

Narelle Nettelbeck said...

This is a great way to have some colour mixing fun too....


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