Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot Dogs for Lunch

It has been a cool day in this cute but cold old house. Time to make something warm for lunch.

Mini Hot Dogs

You'll need...

Little dinner rolls from the supermarket - to go in the oven
Grated cheese
Tomato sauce

Follow the instructions on the rolls packet and cook as many rolls as you need
Butter the rolls while warm
Heat up the cherios in the microwave - 30 seconds is good
Butter the rolls
Add the cherios and tomato sauce
Grate some cheese and add on top

This is a very simple lunch idea, one that most little hands can create and little mouths can eat. Miss M assembled her hot dog all by herself today, as you can see by the picture. That made the cooking experience all the more fun but it seemed like the most enjoyment was found in eating it.

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