Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Noise In The Library?

Ever since Miss M was a baby we have spent time exploring the library and what I have discovered is a whole range of wonderful things for kids and parents to get involved in. For us the library has become more than just a place to borrow books. On most weeks we have attended Babies , Books and Rhymes. They run a great program which teaches the children language skills through simple songs and rhymes and the kids develop a love of books through the reading of wonderful age appropriate stories. The great thing is you're learning the rhymes too so you can do them at home for extra fun and child development. Our Babies, Books and Rhymes introduced little musical instruments for the kids to play so the fun was endless - you've never heard so much noise in the library! Maybe that's why the program was run before opening time!

Miss M has graduated from her time at Babies, Books and Rhymes and we now enjoy the next step up at Toddler Time. We love the fact that we have a few great libraries nearby so I must admit that we have tried them all out and enjoy the different strengths of each. Toddler Time is for littlies and parents or carers but grandparents are very welcome too! Many Grandmas go to ours which is fantastic. At Toddler Time they do similar songs but the kids are able to try the songs and moves themselves. This morning at the library Miss M enjoyed The Hokey Pokey and a game of London Bridge where we got caught at the end. Guess we just weren't fast enough!

To find where and when Babies, Books and Rhymes or Toddler Time is happening near you pick up a monthy Whats On brochure from the library or check out the Brisbane City Council Library website. Make sure you also check out Justine Clarke's song 'Off To The Library' from her I Like To Sing album. We love to sing it, especially on our way there! Off to the library 1,2,3.....

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