Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Walkabout Creek Wildlife Centre - A Fantastic Outing

Today's outing was to Walkabout Creek. This fantastic place which is practically in our backyards is part of the Brisbane Forest Parks and is found as you head up towards Mt Nebo, at the end of Waterworks Rd, the Gap. (60 Mt Nebo Rd) It really is just around the corner and you are there before you know it!

What a great place to take the kids. We were so excited about visiting Walkabout Creek because it was a new adventure for us. There are lots of animals to look at both indoors and out amongst the beautiful gum trees. We had a lovely time.

On our walk inside we saw snakes, fish, sugar gliders, lizards and frogs in natural enclosures but the highlight was the spotted quoll. On our way through the quoll was sleeping but as we came back later he (or she) was running and jumping about. This was wonderful for the kids (and mums) to watch. We got a great deal of enjoyment out of seeing where he would bound to next. Inside was quite dark in parts as there were lots of nocturnal animals snoozing. Another highlight was seeing the platypus, such an incredible creature.

We went on a walk through the avery outside and saw ducks and birds of all kinds. The tawny frog mouths were amazing. They were huddled together on a branch, probably trying to keep warm since there was a cool breeze blowing. Outside we took a walk down past some very friendly wallabies and paddy melons (oh and of course the bush turkeys too) all they way down to a lovely lookout. That's where we stopped and ate the animal cupcakes for our morning tea picnic. Back up the path we came across a wombat having a sleep in his enclosure. That wasn't at all surprising!

Upstairs there were displays to look at and one in particular that you could touch. Miss M and I were not brave enough to touch the old snake skins but we touched and talked about the banksias and other interesting bush things.

Walkabout Creek is definitely worth a visit. Can you believe that all this fun and learning cost $5.70? Admission was $5.70 for adults and free for under school age kids. What a great way to spend a morning with friends. You can also enjoy the cafe/ restaurant set amongst the trees. We were there with mums group so BYO Australian animal cupcakes it was!

Some follow-up ideas after a Walkabout Creek outing....

  • Leaf printing - paint leaves from your garden and print them on to white paper

  • Collect nature on a walk around your neighbourhood - see what you can find - make a collage

  • Make animal cupcakes - wombat, snake, fish - find in the 'Woman's Weekly Kids Little Party Cakes' book (a favourite of mine)

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