Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Park With Everything and More

I don't mind driving to a park across the other side of Brisbane if I hear that it's a terrific one. It's great for the girls and myself to experience something new and I really like to challenge Miss M's gross motor skills, especially since we don't have a big backyard. This morning's visit to a park felt like we were going on a road trip but when we got there we soon realised that it was well worth the long drive.

Grande Park is found in Springfield on Grande Avenue. This park has everything a great park should have plus a whole lot more. When we thought we were done discovering every part of what it had to offer and were about to make the journey home again, we found that it had a bike road with street signs and lights too. (pictured below) I couldn't believe that we had left Miss M's bike at home again!

You'll also find several interesting forts and a big spider web to climb at Grande Park but probably the most exciting part is the mountain of giant slides. (as pictured) Mums and dads can even give these ones a go. I loved the swings. I could put Miss H in a baby swing while I pushed Miss M on the big kids swing. They both had a ball! This park has great toilet facilities, bbqs, under cover areas and a basketball court too.

To get there take the Greenbank Arterial Rd off the Centenary Hyway and yes, you may need to take a packed lunch. We're going to next time.

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