Monday, July 20, 2009

A Grand Plan

Sometimes I don't know where our week will take us. Some weeks I plan ahead for various activities and outings and then of course there are our usual scheduled outings to Mums on the GO and the library. This week started however with a surprise outing which was planned just after waking up.

To begin our outing we did a return trip to Nourish on Racecourse Rd, Ascot to buy two yummy take-away cupcakes for a picnic in the park. (couldn't resist!) Then, we took ourselves to the Portside Wharf area at Hamilton to try out a different park. I'm going to call this park Portside Park because I can't find the name of it anywhere. You'll find it on the corner of Hercules St and Remora Rd, Hamilton, just across the road from Portside Wharf. (approx 15 mins from Brisbane CBD) I'd eyed this park off once before and stored it away in my memory as a good park to visit one day. Finally we went there for a play and it was excellent.

What I liked about this park was its variety of play equipment for kids both big and small to try. A lot of the equipment is not like equipment I've seen at other parks. It's set up with a nautical theme to fit in with it's locality so there's lots of water play things, without the water.

This is definitely going to be a park that we return to with Daddy as it has all his favourite activities - rock climbing, surfing and skate boarding. The surf boards and skate boards were really just balancing boards. Miss M found the skateboards to be a little tricky which was great for her to practise her balancing on all by herself and she was keen to give the rock climbing a go next time when Daddy comes back with us. We also discovered that the park has a road area complete with road signs for kids to ride bikes on and a massive obstacle course which tests all kinds of skills. Miss M had her most fun on this trying out the flying fox, stepping stones and the part where you had to weave your body in and out of the poles.

There was the usual slides, a fort, a cubby house and a wobbly bridge too which catered for little kids. We made mention that next time we would have to come with our sandpit toys to play in the sandpit and bring along Miss M's bike for the bike track and road. There was almost too much to do in one morning.

We finished our park visit with a walk to Portside Wharf to look at the Brisbane River and then devoured a lovely lunch of fish and chips which we bought at Portside for $10 - it was enough to feed our little family. All in all it was a great outing. Miss M told me it was the best lunch she'd ever had which made me giggle on the inside. 'Twas a grand plan to start our week!

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