Monday, July 27, 2009

A Night In...At the Movies

We've experienced a few set backs with recent family nights as the girls have been unwell so it was brilliant to finally be able to do our Movie Night on the weekend. Invitations were sent out to the extended family to join us which made the night even more fun.
Everyone was given movie money to spend on movie tickets and munchies from the Candy Bar. I had whipped up some tickets on the computer and made money from a clip art coin I found in Word. Little did Miss M know but this was going to be an exercise in counting as she had to count out her coins to pay for anything she wanted and even the grown ups played along too! Each item had a different amount to pay which was shown on the Candy Bar sign.
The excitement had been mounting for days as Miss M helped me to prepare by buying lollies at the lolly shop, fizzy drinks from the supermarket and choosing a suitable movie to watch. We needed something that was short (for a littlies sugar filled attention span) and something that wasn't above her comprehension. We haven't started Miss M on the big movies yet. Hooray for Target having a big dvd and toy sale! We picked up a lovely Winnie the Pooh dvd for under $10 and it suited the night so well. Everyone enjoyed the cute stories about friendship and they also enjoyed the snacks available. We had little ice-creams, popcorn, lollies and drinks available for purchase with the movie money.

All afternoon Miss M asked if our guests were here and was it time for the Movie Night to begin as she helped me set up the Candy Bar with her cash register. This was wonderful and made it all worth while. Now it's the day after and she has been talking lots about the night she had and how special it was. This probably isn't going to the last of our family fun movie nights. Miss M had a ball and just quietly, I think the rest of us did too!


Edwina said...

This is such a great idea! One of the ones I hope I remember when I have kids.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

It really was fun Edwina. I am so glad I've recectly discovered your site. My husband and I are house hunting and would love to live simply. Love the Greenland houses pictured at the moment! I wonder if our new neighbours would mind if we had a red house?


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