Monday, July 27, 2009

One for Mum

Sometimes it's just lovely as a mum to go on an outing where you feel like you've been treated too. Often we head to parks and play centres to make sure that our littlies are catered for but today I found out about a place where mum can have some mummy time and the kids can enjoy a play.

This morning we caught up with some special friends at a place called Home Shop and Cafe. It is found at 20 Stewart Rd, Ashgrove. (apparently where Locomotion used to be) It is a beautiful cafe which has both homewares on sale and tasty food on the menu. It was buzzing with people but we were able to book a back room which was specially set up to cater to people with kids. What a treat! Adjoining this room is a small room, with a small door for kids to access and play with toys.

The food was scrumptious! I had a chocolate brownie (highly recommended by my friend) and Miss M had a Raspberry Cupcake. It felt so good to be able to enjoy lovely surroundings and scrumptious food while Miss M had a play - the perfect combination I think.

It won't be long before I return with mums group in tow so we can all enjoy such a lovely place. Just remember though, if you want to use the back room for your next mummy catch-up you need to book ahead. There's a park down the road which would be great for a play afterwards or you could visit The Enchanted Forest park nearby. (check out June blogs or Parks for more info) or 3366 6652


Kelly said...

Great to find your blog :)

I'll have to visit this place, sounds awesome!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Tis a great place Kelly. Perfect for mums.


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