Sunday, July 12, 2009

Secret Messages (Crayon Resist Painting)

We've spent the morning at home with two snuffly girls. It's been a pleasant sunny winters day so Miss M has enjoyed lots of home play time. What made it even better is Daddy was home to enjoy it too. I often become invisible on weekends as they are considered to be Daddy time! Miss M becomes Daddy's little shadow which is so lovely to see.

All morning Miss M and Daddy found things to play in the yard together and meanwhile I set up the indoor/outdoor activities in the playroom and on the back deck. We just had to play with our new red playdough, Daddy built a space ship with Connectrix Construction (found at a "Treasure Shop for about $2") and then we read stories with Miss H and Miss M. I had the most fun creating a secret message and picture on the painting easel for Miss M. She found out what my message to her was as she painted with the water paints. (We have used these water colours for about two weeks now for all kinds of painting fun. They last for a long time.)

Making a secret message or picture (crayon resist painting)

You will need...

White paper - easel paper is great for this
Candle - long white ones work best
Water paints - made from water and powder paint (or food colouring)
Thick brushes
Paint pots

Draw or write on the paper using the end of the candle.
Paint over the paper with water paint to reveal the message or picture.
It's good to use thick brushes so they cover more or the paper area with colour.
For added fun you could get your child draw on paper and paint over it to see their own picture revealed.

My message to Miss M was a message of love but you could have a great time creating any kind of message or picture. Your kids will have a great time too discovering how creative you have been.


Kate's Corner said...

Hi Amanda...just a few questions..

Where do you get your powder paint from?
Also do you know where I'd be able to by cell mix from?

Love your blog!


Busy Brissy Mum said...

Hello Kate,

So lovely to hear from you! Thanks for your encouragement.

I source a lot of craft items from a company called Speedy Art Supplies. You may remember them from the old kindy days. They supply to schools and kindys etc but are also open to the public. Both the powder paint and cel mix were purchased from there. I use the same powder paint we used at the kindy. It's called Dytex Craft Colour and it's vibrant. Some of the other brands can be quite dull. I also like the fact that they last a very long time. You'll find Speedy Art Supplies Kelliher Rd, Richlands, not that far from home.


SquiggleMum said...

Hi Amanda! It's funny to come across a blogger I actually know in real life! Nice to see you joining the ranks of the mummy-bloggers and lovely to see what you're up to with your girls. Thanks for the tip on Speedy Art Supplies. I also get cheap supplies from MTA (modern teaching aids) warehouse at Brendale. Blessings, Cath/SquiggleMum.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Hello There Mrs SquiggleMum! Yes it is funny to meet up in the world of blogging. From children's radio shows to chilren's ministry expos to mummy-blogging, God can use us : ) I'm really enjoying sharing activities and places with other mums. All this stored up info from my working with children days!! I've read your blog too but haven't popped on to say hello yet. It's lovely to see your family activities too. Thanks for your MTA tip. I've used them before for work purposes in the past and found them to be good.


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