Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wonder Wall - Miss M's Gallery of Art

Welcome to Miss M's Art Gallery! It's time to refresh the artwork in the playroom/ office/ sun room today. (We live in a little house!) Miss M churns out a fair amount of drawings, cuttings, paintings etc and even though we don't do art activities every day it begins to build up. I like to display her artwork to show how special it is to us. (and it is!)

Back when I started doing art and crafts with one very little baby Miss M I began to put it on the walls to be a family gallery for our own enjoyment. Every so often I take the pictures down and put up new beautiful ones. (and the not so beautiful ones) We've been busy trying lots of different art lately so a change on the walls is necessary. I can't wait to get some of Miss H's artwork up when we get started on it. Keep an eye out for my blog on where I put the artwork after it has been in the playroom gallery.

Here's some extra gallery ideas...
  • Name and date each piece of artwork. I like to put Miss M's name on the top left hand corner and the date on the top right. This is ideal for when you put them away later and also when you bring them out again to look at for years after.
  • Spell your child's name out loud each time you write it so they learn how to spell it for themselves. We have a song we made up to do this.
  • If your child tells a story about their art write it at the bottom or the back of the paper. You'll be able to read the story every time you admire the art and we all know that little children's artwork isn't always so easy to tell what it is.
  • When hanging up children's artwork use a good quality blu tac. (Bostik) When taking it down again pull the artwork off gently and remove any excess blue tac by rubbing it gently in a circular motion. You don't want to make Mr Gus sad do you? He he he! We live in a rental house so we talk about how Mr Gus (our property manager) looks after our house and he likes us to take good care of it.

Call me crazy (or a hoarder) but I'm going to cherish my girl's beautiful artwork for many years to come. Now it's time for me to stop blogging and hang up some pictures.

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