Friday, July 10, 2009

Boys Day Out - Our City Cat and Museum Adventure

When the girl's older boy cousins come for the day the best thing to do is to get out and explore. Once a year JT and MR come with Uncle Phil for the day while Aunty Tracey has a girlie day at the Bead Expo. Saturday was that day. JT and MR are Miss M and Miss H's bigger boy cousins from Toowoomba and whilst these boys are great to have for a visit, our house is mostly filled with pink fun, being a house of girls. We decided this time to take them out on a Brisbane River trip to the Museum and what a brilliant time we had!

The City Cats are a great way to explore Brisbane. They are reasonably priced and come and go frequently so you don't have to wait for long. As you probably already know this is certainly something to consider when you have littlies! Check out for timetables and ticketing information.

We started our journey from the City Cat terminal at Guyatt Park, St Lucia. The City Cat was just arriving when we got there which was so wonderful. JT and MR hadn't been on a City Cat before so that made it even more exciting, so exciting that all the kids didn't know where to sit, inside or outside. There were too many choices so they hopped up and down the whole way there!
Catching a City Cat from Guyatt Park to Southbank takes about 20 minutes, just long enough to see a bit of Brisbane from the river before a walk to the Museum. On our way we saw boats of all kinds, rowers, a bridge being built and the City - definitely lots to see.
To go to the Museum hop off at the first Southbank terminal (No 2) and walk to the right along the river, past the Performing Arts Complex and head across the overpass 'till you're there. This is about a 15 minute walk when you have a pram and little feet tagging along.
If you haven't been to the Qld Museum yet it is well worth exploring. There is so much to see including the huge dinosaur skeleton that welcomes you as you arrive. The Qld Museum has three levels of interesting displays about sea life, animals, cars and planes and so much more. There's too much for me to tell you about but make sure you go and discover the Energex Playasourus Place ("Dinosaur Garden") which features new hands on displays. The Whale Mall is also a favourite display of ours.

The Qld Musuem is a free outing and the City Cat is free for children under 4 so combine the two and you have a cheap day out for a family of littlies. To end our day we had a bite to eat at Southbank and a play in the playground (with the water running under it) at the far end. After this we had a long walk ahead of us before the return trip home on the City Cat. This time the group was keen to sit out the front and enjoy the ride...and the cool breeze. I enjoyed a quiet warm ride inside with MR and my little Miss H. It was a big adventure filled day jam packed with fun and discovery.

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