Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What to Do Today? Water Play!

I came in to the kitchen this morning to find Miss M and Daddy having a talk about funnels and how they work. Daddy was showing Miss M with a tall thin water bottle. It was then that I knew what today's activity would be - water play.
We got out our tray (kitty litter tray purchased at the supermarket), filled it with warm water and a bit of detergent for some bubbly water fun and found some bottles and cups which were perfect for pouring. Immediately Miss M was keen to give the funnels a go. She had seen them being used and now it was her turn - what fun!
Water play, even on a cold day can be loads of fun and adding bottles and cups not only provides extra fun but also the opportunity to practise pouring skills and learn about heavy and light, empty and full, small and tall. This spur of the moment activity proved to be a good follow up to a Daddy/ daughter discussion.

You can extend the activity by...

  • Putting a small amount of colour in the water using powder paint or food dye.
  • Finding other interesting objects around the house. We found a kitchen seive and that was fun to play with. An egg beater would also provide great enjoyment. It's fun to turn the handle and watch more bubbles appear as the beaters go round and round.

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