Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Great Bombe Alaska Bomb-out

There's been a theme running around a few blogs lately since SquiggleMum wrote a piece on un-bloggy bits. Diffferent mummy bloggers are sharing their not so presentable parts to the week and I'd be lying if I didn't admit to having less bloggable moments either. The things I blog about are generally positive and happy. Right at the start of my blog I wrote a post called 'On the Brighter Side' to share with you all that I wouldn't usually be posting about the un-bloggy bits but believe me our days are filled with those, whether it's a messy house, toilet training fun, tantrums, slackness in cooking dinner, a baby who won't go to sleep when she needs it and the list could go on. *sigh*

I thought I'd get in on the theme and quickly share with you a kitchen disaster I had earlier this evening. It's been a busy week in our house with two events being held here. The first was a Learning Ladder Party on Monday. A number of my mummy friends and their kidlets packed into our little house to enjoy some shopping, chatting, playing and eating. It was a lovely morning and the first time I'd had such a large group over in a long long time.

The second event was held tonight. Once a month a special group of my girlie friends meet for what we call our "girls craft night". Again I have to be honest and say that we haven't always done craft but it is a great excuse to get together. We don't get to do it all that much otherwise so this group has been a blessing. Tonight it was my turn to host. (And lots of craft was done - well done ladies!)

I love to entertain. Before my girls came along I used to entertain a lot and found it easy to make a few different things to offer the guests. Tonight I crazily thought it would be good to make two different desserts. Miss H had to be a good little sleeper for this plan to go well. The first was brownies which I cooked while my girls slept today. Thankfully Miss H did sleep well in the middle of the day. The brownies turned out well. (Thank you to cousin Karen for the very easy recipe) The other dessert I chose to do was Bombe Alaska. I'm not sure if you've ever made these before but they are reasonably simple to do, well at least they seemed to be the last time I made them!! This time the meringue was a disaster. It dripped all the way down,exposing the ice-cream which then melted while it was in the oven. (Just check out the picture) I felt terrible serving them to my beautiful guests but they still said they wanted to eat them.

This was truly a complete Bombe Alaska bomb-out and definitely not one of my finest bloggiest moments!


SquiggleMum said...

I'm sure serving up your not-so-perfect dessert only made you more real and accessible to the women you who shared it with you :)

Busy Brissy Mum said...

I'm afraid I've been a bit too real many times over with some of these girls. He he he...they've tasted a few less than delicious treats over the years. They keep coming back so they must be good friends : )One day I'll learn not to do things last minute...but then again I tend to be impulsive. Thanks Catherine for your encouragement. I did enjoy a yummy leftover brownie as I wrote the blog!


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