Friday, August 14, 2009

Nothin' But Blue Skies

Today has been a home day. With all this sunshine about we stepped out into the back yard for a long morning play. I set up sand play, playdough play (with cutters), bubbles, bike riding and there was also the opportunity to enjoy a swing. Both girls have a swing downstairs now so it's double the fun! For Miss H I put a rug on the grass with some books for her to read. I discovered last night that she could turn the Peek-a-boo Book pages to reveal what is hiding behind them. Apparently she's been doing this for a few days now thanks to Daddy's night reading time!!
You may already know that I like to set up activities for some of the day to see where they will take my little girl's imaginations. The mat soon became a library. We didn't go to Story Time or Babies, Book and Rhymes this week with Miss H's sniffles but it felt like we had. We had a lovely time singing and doing rhymes on the mat. I had to be Miss Nicole from the library.

The most special time though was when we stopped, lay on the mat and looked up and around to see what we could see. You know there wasn't a single cloud in the sky! A gorgeous sunny day, not at all like Winter. We saw tiny gumnuts in the trees, purple flowers, the sun peeking through the trees, a drangonfly whizzing past and lemons growing on the lemon tree. We also stopped to listen. We heard the bell from the train station and the washing machine whirring as it went round and round. (yep, it is also a good washing day!)

Sometimes it's just good to stop to see all that surrounds us. We do live in a beautiful place!

We could extend this activity by...
  • Making binoculars from toilet rolls
  • Singing 'Up in the Air I Fly' from Playschool
  • Collect some of the things we saw and put in a special box or on display
  • Make lemonade or lemon butter from the lemons
  • Make a dragonfly
  • Make a nature collage
  • Find books about nature to borrow from the library
  • Peg out washing on a line - Miss M uses her little play machine to wash her knickers : )
  • Go for a walk to the train station or even go for a train ride

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