Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Perrin Park Play

We were at Perrin Park in Josling St, Toowong for Mums on the GO today. No matter how many times we go there we always have a good time. This park has two different forts to climb, one tall and one short. There's a bike track that goes around the playground and a huge flat bike track surrounding the oval. The kids and adults like a turn on the pedal bikes. There are three of them and they're mounted on a rail - lots of fun (puffy exercise) for everyone!

We took bubble blowing and bikes for added fun this morning but some of the kids found other things to amuse them. Some found Ibis birds to chase while others jumped in a large muddy water puddle near the taps. I was the mum with the wet, muddy girl to take home but thankfully it was a warm sunny day. Tomorrow I think we'll visit a water play park. Look out for the blog.

Perrin park is great for weekend sport, taking dogs to the dog park on the other side of the bridge or just a quiet picnic with friends and family. I think this is one of the best parks situated in the western suburbs.

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