Thursday, August 27, 2009

Water Play at Rocks River Park

Only the crazy would usually swim in Winter but then you'd think it was the middle of Spring here in Brisbane, so why not. Being warm and since we don't have any sniffles about I promised Miss M that I'd take her to the Rocks River Park water play area. We've missed most of the heated pool swimming lessons over Winter so Miss M was desperate to "kick and paddle...kick and paddle".

Rocks River Park is found on Counihan Rd, Seventeen Mile Rocks. It is a very large park with plenty of shelters to eat under and lots of grassy areas to kick a ball. The playground is great. It's set in sand so it's a good idea to take your sandpit toys. There are swings, a slippery slide and all kinds of bouncy things. I like this playground because it's not enclosed but it almost feels that way. When we go with mums group the mums can easily sit and chat while the kids have fun. Further over is more playground with a huge spider web to climb and a flying fox for the older, more daring kids. We're not quite ready for that yet.

How fantastic is the water play! My photos will not do it justice as I was trying not to take any snaps of kids. This area is a shallow water area where kids can dip, splash and in some parts even paddle. It's surrounded by rocks so there are plenty of places for adults to sit if you want to take it easy. Miss M had a ball. We are going to return for another play on another day but best to go with some friends we think. (We might even move in over Summer!!)

My little swimmer is now enjoying a big sleep after her kick and paddles in the water. We're off to the beach next week for holidays so she'll be happier and more worn out than ever.

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