Friday, September 25, 2009

Art Gallery - Holiday Happenings

School holidays are a super time to get out and about because there is usually a long list of activities around town for kids to get involved in. One of our favourite places to visit is the Ipswich Art Gallery and we go there throughout the school term too but in the holidays it comes alive even more. To get to the Gallery is quite a drive for us but I have always found it to have excellent programs and exhibits on so it's a pleasure to take the effort to get there.

The Gallery has its very own space for kids so there's always something happening. We've enjoyed the 'Bright and Shiny' and 'Disco Puppy' programs but the display this time around is something of a very different and unusual kind. I Wish I Lived in Wonderland shows the artwork of Rose Skinner, a Perth-based artist. To walk through Wonderland is incredible, there are toys and things of all kinds, some from our childhood right up to those we see today. It's very hard to describe other than to say that it is amazing and you just have to take your kids to see if if you live in Brisbane, Ipswich or somewhere nearby. I don't want to tell you too much as it will give it all away. Check out the photos that I have posted.

This week the Gallery has extra holiday programs available. In the nearby mall and on the Gallery lawn there are huge blow up animals that the kids can sit inside to enjoy face painting, story telling, origami and a magic show. They can also get involved in plasticine art and other crafts.

Parking can be an issue if you are not from Ipswich but if you go close to the Gallery there are usually on street parking spaces available so take your coins or go to the Woolworths car park for free parking and walk up the mall. The Gallery is found in d'Arcy Doyle Place, Nicholas St, Ipswich Central. To get to the Woolworths car park turn right at East St and follow the parking signs. (turn left just before the ramp)

To book for one of the exciting programs check out and go to the children's gallery page. Some of these programs have a cost but you can go to the gallery after 10am each day and it's free. I Wish I Lived in Wonderland is open till November 1.

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