Friday, September 25, 2009

Party Pinata

It was only a little while ago that I wrote about a simple idea for making a pinata using a cereal box but I thought I'd share the more difficult version which is still fairly simple to make.


You will need...

A large balloon - I bought a punching balloon for ours
Glue - Cel Mix works well or you can make a flour + water version
Wrapping paper
Thin rope
Large paddle pops or something similar
Prizes to go inside - I used a pack specially for pinatas or you can be creative. Wrapped lollies are great also.

  • Make the glue following the directions on the Cel Mix container.
  • Cut the newspaper into strips.
  • Blow or pump up the balloon.
  • Coat the balloon with glue and stick one layer of paper on, (paper mache) making sure to overlap the pieces.
  • Hang the balloon to dry using string attached to the top of the glue.
  • Once dry repeat the process over and over again until the paper is strong enough to carry the prizes inside.
  • It is really important that you allow each layer to dry or you'll end up with a soggy mess.
  • 5 or so layers seems to work just fine.
  • Before you do the final layer, let the balloon pop (if it hasn't already). You should have a hole left at the top so fill the pinata with the prizes.
  • To hang your pinata use two large paddle pops joined to make a cross with the rope. Close them up and lower them inside the pinata. You should be able to open them back out once they are inside and they will support the rope.
  • Make your final layer one of wrapping paper so your pinata is bright and colourful but to add texture to your pinata you can add strips of paper from the bottom to the top, only sticking at the top of the strip. You'll get a wonderful fringed effect.
  • Find what we call in our household a "pinata whacking stick" but I'm sure it's called a pinata stick (or something similar). A metre long piece of wood is good. You can buy these sticks from party supply places and big retail stores.
  • Cover the stick in wrapping paper or crepe paper so it's decorative too.
Be creative as you like! You can make this simple design into all kinds of pinata, Santa, Christmas present, funny faces and teddy bears. The list goes on....and so does the fun!

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