Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Balloon Painting

Miss M and I have talked about trying this activity for a few days now and since we had a lovely big bag of balloons leftover from her party, balloon painting was definitely the thing to do today.

Balloon Painting

You will need....

Acrylic paint
Easel paper

Choose a few balloon to use - one for each paint colour works well.
Fill the balloons with a little bit of water to give them some weight.
Tie knots in the ends of the balloons.
Have paint set out in trays - we used paper plates and used two acrylic colours that mix well.
Use the balloons as paint brushes by holding them by the knot.
The effect on paper will be wonderful splodges all over the paper.
Just remember to handle the balloons carefully so they don't pop!
Both the girls had fun with this activity. Miss H being so little had quite a bit of help from me but it was fun for her to experiment too. It's good to substitute the old paintbrush for something a little bit different. Balloon painting is lots of fun - why not give it a go?


Saladin Siregar said...

your daughter is very cute, how a lovely family you got ;D

nice to meet you!

SquiggleMum said...

This is definitely an activity we will have to give a miss. My daughter has been terrified of balloons from a very young age! Doesn't matter if they are blown up or deflated, whether they are tied up, or loose, or on a stick. They don't have to pop to frighten her. She is genuinely afraid of them!!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Oh dear Cath. Yes looks like you'll have to sit this one out!

Elise said...

It's always fun to paint with something new and exciting. I think Savvy would have a ball doing this as she loves balloons.

Julie said...

Paint and balloons..oohhh I don't know. My boys will have to be very tired for me to atemp this, could be trouble. lol

Busy Brissy Mum said...

That's funny Julie. Yes it could become one big paint explosion! My friend told me that her boys turned the spray bottle painting into a paint fight. He he he....lots of messy fun!

Bec said...

That's a fantastic idea! Erin loves balloons and painting.


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