Monday, October 19, 2009

A Blank Canvas Week - Let's Get Creative!

Looking to the week ahead we have a blank canvas - not a play date or outing planned, except for our weekly Mums on the GO outing on Wednesday. I love being able to plan outings as well as allow us some time at home to play and enjoy our surroundings. What will this week hold? Time to look at what's on around Brisbane, maybe find a new or favourite park to ride the scooter and tune in to Miss M to see what interests she is following at the moment. This will give us some art/ craft or cooking ideas and other play activities we could do together. It should be a great week!

I'd love to hear your suggestions. Do you know of a great park in Brisbane or have a place you like to visit that is a good free or cheap outing for children? Even if you don't live in Brisbane what things do you like to get up to with your kids?


Elise said...

We enjoy going on the City Cat.
There are a few parks that you can stop by on your travels.

I am yet to Check out the current Brisbane Child Magazine as it usually has a host of inexpensive activities.

Storytime at our local library is also fun and we usually enjoy the associated craft activity that accompanies the story.

I'll be interested to hear what you eneded up doing throughout the week.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Yes the City Cats make a great outing. We haven't done them in a while.

I LOVE the Brisbane Child Magazine too. It's gold to a SAHM!

Storytime - we'll have to get back into it. Maybe this is the week to do it. We stopped going over Winter with the girls being sick and also picking up sick germs here and there. It's a fantastic free outing too!

Will blog along as we find things to do. Thanks for your ideas Elise!


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