Friday, October 16, 2009

Eye Dropper Painting

If you're anything like our family you may have purchased a few bottles of baby Panadol for your kids to make it through the dreaded teething stage! Every time we pick up a bottle from the Chemist we get an eye dropper included in the packet. This is great because I have something fun to do with the eye dropper rather than using it to help numb the gums.

Eye Dropper Painting

You will need....
A few eye droppers - one for each paint colour works well
Water paint - mix food colouring or powder paint with water in separate pots - 2-3 colours is a good amount
Paper towel - good quality ones work best
Cloth or spare paper towel - to clean up paint spills

Show your child how to pick up a bit of water paint in the eye dropper by giving it a gentle squeeze then let the paint go over a sheet (square) of paper towel. It will give a wonderful splotchy effect and once you begin to add a few colours they will mix to make others. I find the best colours to use are the primary colours, red, yellow and blue but to find any colours that mix well makes a beautiful work of art. Just make sure not to use too much paint as the paper will become saturated and begin to tear. This is where a better quality paper towel is good. You'll know the brands from the ads!

After your paper towel square is covered in paint I'm sure you'll want to give it another try so hang that one out to dry and get ready to make another eye dropper masterpiece.

To extend the activity....

  • talk about the colours your child is creating as they mix together
  • once dry cut up the paper and use it for collage
  • fold the paper up until it is a small square and cut pieces out to make a pattern (like a snowflake)
  • try other colour mixing activities


Elise said...

Oooh this looks like lots of fun and a perfect activity to do in Spring.
I think my two children would really enjoy this.

Miss M is clever to pack a sweet little picnic for all of you girls to enjoy.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

I find myself having fun with this activity too Elise. It's fun being a SAHM!


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