Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mini Chocolate Christmas Puddings

I have a cousin who is a bit older than me and when we were kids I remember looking up to her a great deal. One Christmas on the farm she taught me the new version of 'Away in a Manger' and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. (Did we say coolest in the 80s?) Last year she shared a great idea for Christmas and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I think I still look up to her a bit! I thought I would share her recipe with you. I'm not sure who created this idea in the first place but it's just so cute and is the perfect thing to take to a Christmas long as it's in the air con.

Marshmallow Christmas Puddings

You will need...
  • Arnott's Dark Royals Biscuits - they have a biscuit base, a marshmallow inside and dark chocolate coating - YUM!

  • White chocolate melts

  • Green snake lollies or mint leaf lollies

  • Red Mini M+M's

Melt the white chocolate over a double boiler or in a microwave - you won't need a lot, just a 1/4 of the packet will do.

Using a teaspoon put the white chocolate on the top of the Royals Biscuits - see picture.

Add a Red Mini M+M to the top middle of the biscuit.

Cut leaves out of snakes or mint leaf lollies - I used kitchen scissors to cut thin triangular pieces out of the snakes.

Add two of the little leaf shapes either side of the M+M. The biscuits should look just like little Christmas puddings now.

Refrigerate until the chocolate sets and then enjoy.

You can package these up individually to be gifts or just present them on a lovely platter. Thanks to my very cool cousin for this great recipe idea - you're still the best!

Jingle all the way....celebrate Jesus' Birthday!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea Amanda and so effective yet simple. I'll be sure to give it a go for our Christmas Eve party, love Linda.
p.s. Hope your family is on the mend.

Michelle said...

cute! and easy - I like easy

Leisa said...

Which cousin??

Busy Brissy Mum said...

I'm sorry're all equally cool...all 21 of you!! It was Kylie! The fun of being one of the the younger cousins was looking up to all the older ones and the things they could do. I can remember exactly where we were when she taught that song to me and you know what, I heard that exact version on the radio today. It's the Kylie version!(our Kylie!)

Easy is good isn't it Michelle, especially when you have littlies.

We are all better now thanks Linda. I'll have to wait to hear how your Christmas puddings go.

rizoleey said...

we make a similar looking treat, chocolate coated rum balls, decorated the same however covering rumballs in melted chocolate is somewhat tricky. I really like your idea.

Elise said...

What a great recipe. These little puddings look so festive and delightful. I'll be keeping a copy of your recipe - thank you for sharing it Amanda.

gina said...

Those are so pretty and look delicious!


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