Monday, December 7, 2009

Sparkly Christmas Play Dough

If you're anything like me you may have at least one batch of play dough in the fridge at all times ready for a spur of the moment or planned activity. The girls and I love all kinds of play dough colours and when we use the powder paints to make our dough the colours are incredibly rich and vibrant. At Christmas time we choose to have red or green play dough - this year it's red. Here's a Christmas twist to an old favourite activity.

Sparkly Christmas Play Dough

You will need...
  • Play dough - Follow the directions on a McKenzie's Cream of Tartar container, found in the baking aisle of the supermarket
  • Glitter - we found beautiful silver glitter with tinsy tiny stars in it - so beautiful!
  • Christmas play dough cutters - you can find these at kitchen stores, department stores and cheap shops
  • Rolling pin

Make a well in the centre of a ball of play dough.

Knead the dough until the glitter is mixed through = sparkly play dough.

Have fun making all kinds of Christmas shapes with your rolling pin and cutters. This dough is perfect for Christmas stars and angels!

You can be as creative as you like. Why not try and create a Christmas nativity scene?

Jingle all the way....celebrate Jesus' Birthday!


Elise said...

Hi Amanda

What festive and creative fun. Sparkly play doh sounds like so much fun. I have never made it, Savvy has used it at playgroup a couple of times and loved it. I think we need a batch. Your glitter sounds lovely.

We made our Christmas wrapping paper yesterday. Blakie had a ball covering himself in paint and Savvy can't wait to wrap some presents with hers.

Making a wreath is on our list of activities to do. We had better get onto this one sooner, rather than later.

Your girls would be having so much fun creating and preapering for Christmas.

Michelle said...

Great idea - we're due for a new batch .. think I'll glitter it.

Michelle said...

We did it - we have green (no quite as bright as your red) sparkly playdough. Thanks for the idea :)

Busy Brissy Mum said...

That's so great Michelle! I love sparkle playdough all year round. You can try all kinds of colours. Have fun with your Christmassy batch.


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