Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stamp It Christmas Wrapping Paper

Making your own Christmas wrapping paper can be so easy and so cheap plus the kids will have a whole heap of fun creating it. This is one idea we use to make colourful paper for our gifts...

Stamp It Christmas Wrapping Paper

You will need...
  • Paper - we use either white easel paper or butcher's paper. You could also do it on brown paper which is very cheap to buy and will wrap plenty of presents.
  • Paint - we used Cel mix this year but you can also use acrylic paint which actually gives a better print. (Time for me to buy some acrylic paint!)
  • Kitchen sponges
  • Trays or plates - I used washed/ clean meat trays.
  • Stampers - read the end of this blog to find similar ideas. I purchased our Christmas stampers from an art supply place.

Set up trays with paint covered sponges on them. We had red, green and yellow paint. I like to put a different colour on each.

Press a stamper onto the sponge to cover it in paint and go for it! Stamp the stamper all over the paper until you are happy with your design.

Hang your wet wrapping paper out to dry.

Once dried, wrap your Christmas presents in your lovely new wrapping paper and decorate with a gift tag and bow. They'll look fantastic!

If you don't have Christmas Stampers you could...
  • use Christmas cookie cutters OR
  • make stampers out of potatoes - cut Christmas shapes in potato halves.

Jingle all the way....celebrate Jesus' Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
I'm interested in buying cel mix for Creche. Where do you buy yours from and what is the cost please? Have a great day!,Linda.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Hi Linda,

Clag Cel mix can be purchased from Speedy Art Supplies on Kelliher Rd, Richlands. (the turn-off before the Forest Lake turn-off)or Modern Teaching Aides. It costs $30.60 from Speedy for a 500g tub which lasts a long time. I've had mine all year and still have about half the tub left. Hope this helps Linda.



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