Friday, April 23, 2010

Farm Day Fun

Our week began with a trip down memory lane for me. Many of my holidays growing up were spent on my Uncle and Aunty's farm on the Darling Downs. It was there that we city kids got a wonderful taste of the country which to this day we are so thankful for. Going back to the farm on Sunday almost felt like going to my second home. Much has changed there but some things remain the same. I was so excited to be there to visit my relatives and I also wanted the girls to experience what I had those years ago, even if just for the day.

My Uncle and cousin are successful grain growers. I'm sure though that Miss M thought we were headed to an animal farm to see pigs, cows and other animals. She was a little surprised. It was good to show her that there are different types of farms and this one specialises in growing Sorghum, which is sold to chicken farms for feed.

Miss M and Miss H were shown around the farm. Miss M sat in some of the big farm machinery but knocked back a ride in a tractor. This seemed crazy to me as she spent the rest of the afternoon flying around the dirt tracks on the go kart with Daddy, going at quite a speed for a little person. She enjoyed it so much she asked for ride....

after ride....

after ride.

We did get to see some animals. My cousins saved a litter of kittens some time ago and three of them have grown to be lovely pets. The girls loved getting to know them however we're not so good with pets as we don't have any of our own. Miss M and Miss H had to learn to pat gently and not pull the tails.

The chickens had laid three lovely eggs so Madeline collected them with my cousin. What a great experience since we usually find our eggs at the supermarket! To follow this up we've spent the week doing a few egg-citing activities at home.

Together we made scrambled eggs for lunch. We used 3 eggs, some milk, a good pinch of salt and some dill. These ingredients were whisked up by my little masterchef and put in the fry pan to be mixed some more until scrambled. Yum!

We read 'The Egg' by Moonlight Publishing. This book, in an amazing way, details life inside an egg.

We read 'Oh Dear' by Rod Campbell. I like this easy to read book with flaps. Miss H (18mths) loves to read it.

After all the farm fun we had three tired (Yes I mean three!!) girls and one daddy on the trip home. It was a big day and one we'd like to do all over again! Thank you to my wonderful family for having us!


Aspiring Mum said...

I loved going to my Uncle's farm as a child. Collecting the eggs and having space to run are some of my favourite memories. I'm sure your girls will have many great memories of your family's farm as they grow. BTW, that go-kart looks fantastic!!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

It's just such a great lifestyle to be apart of isn't it Deb. My cousin made that go-kart for all his nieces and nephews to ride around in - pretty cool! He and his brother used to have one that they made when they were kids. Fun!

Heart n Soul said...

Delightful.... just started blogging so its a whole new world. Love that you are living life fully.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Oooh welcome to the blogging world. I'll look forward to seeing more from you. I think I'll pop over to your site to take a peek now.

Bain said...

This is a fabulous way to spend a day - the fun, fresh air, discovery of new things, and the beginnings of an understanding that food doesn't come from the supermarket!

For those of you who are not lucky enough to have relatives or friends on farm - why don't you take up the opportunity to participate in FarmDay - held nationally on May29th and 30th - this is an event where a city family is matched to a farm family for a day of "fun,friendship and understanding" Its free, but its a good idea to make a weekend of it, because some of the farms are three or four hours drive away! Its worth the effort!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

@ Blain - Your idea of FarmDay is fantastic! I might try and plug it on the facebook site. Thanks for sharing!


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