Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Neal Macrossan Park

A park with a fence around it always gets the big tick of approval from me. It's a great start to an outing knowing that your littlies will be a whole lot safer. Neal Macrossan Park is one of the best parks I've been to with the girls and it came highly recommended by a friend who also has two littlies. It is fenced right the way around with a few entry gates for different parking spots but I will say that it can be busy depending on when you go. I went with my mums group one Wednesday morning which seemed to coincide with a playgroup happening in the Communify Hall next door. Oh well, the more the merrier!

This park has three parts to it and they are linked by a few stairs in between. Right down the bottom of the park is a dog park for letting the dogs run free, then the next level up is a fantastic park filled with lots of things for all ages. The kids are immediately drawn to the helicopter and boat but they can also enjoy swings, the wobbly rope bridge, slippery slides off a fort and other great equipment.

super dooper obstacle course
The highest level of the park contains a super dooper obstacle course for older kids. Miss M spent most of her time there conquering each of the parts to the course. There are spider webs, hanging obstacles, chain ladders and other climbing activities all under the one roof.

Neal Macrossan Park is found on Moreton St, Paddington, in Brisbane. It's near the Suncorp Stadium so I would imagine that it wouldn't be a good park to go to if there was a game happening. Parking restrictions would most probably apply otherwise this park is one that everyone can enjoy. Why not take a look if you live in sunny Brisbane! We think it's great.


Aspiring Mum said...

I love the look of the obstacle course. We will definitely have to visit.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Oh Debbie, you missed our week there for MOTG : ( It really is one of the greats! Maybe we should have a play date there.

Marita said...

I will have to note that park down for my next visit to my parents in QLD.

Busy Brissy Mum said...

For sure Marita! Great to have you stop by Busy Brissy Mum.

kraftykathryn said...

I so wish we had a park like that close to us! We have 2 parks in walking distance from our house, but they are not aimed at little kids - no swings or slides :( I might have to make a bigger outing one day :)

Brooke said...

Thanks for posting this. We are always on the look out for new parks for our Mum's Group. We have one boy who is a real runner so it's great to find fenced parks with lots of activities.

alex amarxon said...

they were allowed to roam and make friends with us. It was an awesome experience. fence companies local


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