Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recycled Art Container - Ready to Go Creative Fun

At long last we have our recycled art container in the playroom which is there for all sorts of creating fun. This is something I've wanted to put there since our move but the area is fairly small so I've had to come up with something big enough to store the items and small enough not to take up too much space. In keeping with the reduce, reuse and recycle theme I found the above pink container downstairs - it's my old work office bin. (Every groovy kids worker needs one of these!)

Miss M is at the stage where she is creating anything and everything so she really needs some materials at her disposal. Right now the container is filled with cylinders of all sizes, long boxes, thin boxes, plastic lids, yoghurt containers, paper plates and other interesting things but I also have plenty of other great items ready to go in when the stocks are low. (Thanks to our recent Mums on the GO Swap Party!)

Today Miss M (3.5) created a groovy pair of glasses. She came up with the idea as we had been given some bright purple cellophane at Easter and thought it would be great to use because she could see through it. She had some difficulty working out how to construct the glasses so help was needed from one mummy who was happy to oblige. Cutting out the holes was such a tricky thing to do for little hands! We also made a simple pair of binoculars together which she used for "rexploring" (exploring) in our outside play throughout the morning. Check out the pic complete with Easter Egg smoodge on the face!

Miss M is old enough to access sticky tape, glues, scissors and collage items however Miss H (17months) is definitely not there yet. She'd rather use them for teething!! Everything to help construct is kept up high in the playroom and is only a "please Mum" (or Dad) away. It will be great though when these items can also be made available at the girls level.

I wonder what creative thing/s will be next to come out of the container?

What interesting things would you put into a recycled art container/box? I'd love to hear your suggestions.


Aspiring Mum said...

Love the glasses!! I need to make more of an effort to get the construction/recycling box back up and running. A certain husband has a dislike of boxes, lids etc. But I also have a very creative 6 year old! Maybe if I find a funky container like yours, I might have some success and find a middle ground!

Busy Brissy Mum said...

Oh yes, a funky container is definitely what is needed. How can your lovely husband say no to that!!


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